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Welcome to the Economic Forum, your one-stop shop to understand the confusing world of economics! We explain the important things happening in the economy and give you the info you need to stay informed.

What’s hot right now:

  • Global Economy Check-Up: See what top experts are saying about the world’s economy, where things are going, and what bumps we might face along the way.
  • Zooming in on Industries: We look at how different businesses are doing, from fancy tech companies to factories that make things. Get the latest info and what smart people are saying about what’s happening in these areas.
  • Understanding the Rules: We explain the decisions governments make about the economy, both in your country and around the world. This will help you see how these choices might affect businesses, people who buy things, and the economy in general.
  • When Countries Don’t Get Along: We explore how fights between countries can mess up trade, investments, and how goods move around the world.
  • The Future of Work: We look at how jobs are changing with all the new technology. We talk about robots, people working short-term gigs instead of full-time jobs, and the skills you’ll need to get a good job in the future.
  • Taking Care of the Planet: We explain how taking care of the earth and dealing with climate change can affect the economy, both in good and bad ways.

The Middle Class Wallet Economic Forum helps you understand the economy better. We give you the tools you need to make good choices about your money and future and also explains terms related to world of economics.

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