You are currently viewing 16 Business Ideas that Require Only a Laptop and/or Mobile Phone
16 Business Ideas that Require Only a Laptop and/or Mobile Phone

16 Business Ideas that Require Only a Laptop and/or Mobile Phone

Most people say that starting a new business requires a lot of investment. And they also scare you by saying that you cannot start a business unless you’re from a business family or have a great financial background. Today, in this digital world, all these talks have become totally OBSOLETE. Yes, numerous business ideas don’t require huge money or investment. In this article, we would like to share 16 business ideas that require ONLY a laptop and/or a mobile phone as an investment. What to do next? Try your luck!


Top 16 Business Ideas That Require Only a Laptop and/or Mobile Phone

  1. Online Teaching
  2. Digital Marketing Freelancer
  3. Video Editing Services
  4.  Music Production Services
  5. Content Writing
  6. Online Diet Support
  7. Online Fitness Coaching
  8. Teach Yoga Online
  9. Financial Consultancy Services
  10. Virtual Assistance Services
  11. Online Staffing Agency
  12. Blogging or Vlogging
  13. Sell E-Books Online
  14. Foreign Language Tutoring Services
  15. Online Cookery Classes
  16. Online Makeup Tutorials


1. Online Teaching

Experts forecast that the global online education market size would grow to around USD 319 billion by 2025. 

So don’t you think it’s a great opportunity for you to start your business and earn your share?

Don’t worry about the grades or the subjects. Today you can sell courses or online tutoring to any student from any grade irrespective of their age. The only thing that matters is their interest and their learning capability. 


2. Digital Marketing Freelancer

Digital marketing is booming at an exponential pace. And any brand or business requires a digital marketing expert team to boost its sales. So this is one of the businesses that can have clients anytime and all over the world. Simply put, where there are businesses or brands, there could be your opportunity.

Perhaps, if you have got an interest in this field, then immediately join a digital marketing course offered by renowned institutes or agencies and kick-start your freelance business! 

In fact, this is No.1 among the top 16 business ideas that require only a laptop or a phone!! 


3. Video Editing Services

Video content is everywhere. Yes, on your phone, on your TV, on your desktop, on Google, etc. In fact, people prefer watching video content on social networking sites rather than photographs or images.

So this has made all the companies promote their products and services via video content. With this huge demand for video content, video editors have already begun earning millions. So what are you waiting for? Start editing videos for companies, brands, YouTubers, and content makers.


4. Music Production Services

We call this another lucrative field in which youngsters with a creative mindset can make huge money. How? 

  • Play with your creativity and create unique and impressive beats
  • Make use of various music software available to enhance your creation
  • Sell them to composers offline or websites online

Once you gain experience, you can help new artists in editing their songs, music arrangement, music recording, etc.

Later, you can set up your own budgeted home studio and start promoting your services.

Doesn’t it require anything more than a laptop? You know the answer already!


5. Content Writing

Content is the KING! 

If you have decent writing skills, there are tons of content writing freelancing jobs out there. With your laptop, you just need to write content for a particular topic either in the form of blogs or writeups.

Almost all websites need content and so do the content writers. Mandatorily, all business owners need a dedicated content writing team today to come up with creative content every minute. Looks like a great business idea right?


6. Online Diet Support

Believe it or not, there is a huge demand for online Dieticians nowadays. Because they help you with proper eating charts, how much calories to intake, what not to eat, etc. Since when people became health conscious, Dieticians have started becoming the Godfathers! 

Worrying about the knowledge and experience? Never mind. Check out the best diet courses online, and start offering your support to innumerable families. 

Did you know? Online Dieticians can also work with health companies and offer their consultations. 


7. Online Fitness Coaching

Not sure if you’ve noticed this. Any health consultant or Doctor will never miss the phrase “Fitness”. With changing lifestyles and health concerns, everyone in this world is worried about their fitness. 

The role of a fitness coach is to motivate people/clients to have a health goal and guide them to achieve the same. 

You can start providing fitness coaching with the help of your laptop. Yes, ONLY laptop. Get ready with your presentation and start selling to your prospects. What an easy business idea with just a laptop right?

Lately, people are much busy and wanted only an ONLINE fitness coach!!! This makes your job easier as you don’t have to meet your clients in person. Run your business with just video conferencing. 

If you’re passionate about health and fitness, then this is your cup of chai!


8. Teach Yoga online

Are you a Yoga practitioner for a long time? Then this is the right time for you to enter into this booming industry!

Start teaching Yoga to your students online via live classes. Plan your services so that you also offer premier one-on-one coaching to a particular set of clients. This can boost your earnings when compared to conducting group Yoga online classes.  

This business idea requires only a laptop (with a decent webcam). 


9. Financial Consultancy Services – Business Idea

Are you an expert at managing, saving, and multiplying money? Then share your expertise by offering financial consultancy services.

Even if you’re ain’t an expert, just identify a couple of best investment plans with great returns. Suggest them to your clients. Impressed! Also, explore different ways to earn passive income. This is what most younger generation is looking for!

Retirement plans and insurance plans are booming like never before. Focus on them as well.

One important note: The more honest advice you provide, the more they trust you and of course pay you.

And always remember, do not keep on identifying new clients. Maintaining relationships with existing clients can grow your payments!

What else? Take out your laptop now and start your consultancy business now!


10. Virtual Assistance Services

This business idea suits people who are more organized in their work or day-to-day life. Yes, this is a more sufficient skill for a virtual assistant. And this is one of the top 16 business ideas that require only a laptop and good communication. 

You know something? Clients pay huge to virtual assistants as they help in saving TIME – the one once lost is lost forever!!!  

The key to becoming a successful virtual assistant is to take care of your client’s tasks diligently. 

For example: Replying to emails or calls, Setting up meetings, Maintaining the to-do lists, Reporting progress, Giving constant/feedback, etc.


11. Online Staffing Agency – Business Idea

This is a business idea that you can do with just your laptop and from the comfort of your home i.e. remote work.

Most small-scale businesses struggle in hiring people. So you help them in interviewing the candidates and earn for your services. After a few years, you can start your staffing agency. And help these companies in big. 

Do you love talking to people? This one skill can mold you into a hiring expert. Just be mindful of the documentation part so that you can have proof of your work anytime on your laptop. 


12. Blogging or Vlogging – Business Idea

Millennials, this is for you!! Passionate about a particular field? Like Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, etc. Take out your mobile phones now!!

Yes, you heard it right! Only mobile phones!! To grab a few pictures and shoot a few video snippets. That’s more than enough to gain your fan following and start earning on Youtube. 

Remember, your creative content ought to be useful or insightful to your fandom. Drive your fans from now…

Pro tip: Do not start without passion or interest in that particular niche


13. Sell E-Books Online – Business Idea

Writers’ best choice business idea with only a laptop or text editor!

Back then, e-books were rare. Now, e-books are everywhere. So, launch your book online across platforms and pave the way for an active or passive income.

A few top-rated platforms for your easy reference –

  • Amazon Kindle Publishing
  • Blurb
  • Lulu
  • Book Baby

Here are some of the best e-book publishing platforms online >>>


14. Foreign Language Tutoring Services

As we all know, foreign language learners are increasing day by day. Why? People wanted to go abroad and explore. Either for study purposes or work. And thus comes the importance of learning other languages. 

Use this opportunity and start teaching German, French, Spanish, etc online. 

You have various options to pursue your career in this field. 

  • Work as a freelance language tutor
  • Work for language tutoring agencies
  • Become a language expert in a relevant company

Isn’t it a great idea amongst these 16 business ideas that require only a laptop? Get started now!!


15. Online Cookery Classes

Have love for cooking? Excited about making new dishes? Whoa!! You’ve found your magic! Start teaching your new recipes to the crowd on the internet! 

How? Just record your recipes using a webcam on your laptop or your mobile phone and post them online. You can either use Youtube or launch your own website (your new business). 

Worried about the huge competition in online cooking classes nowadays? We would like to tell you that everyone has their own way of cooking, style, and usage of ingridients. Any dish can be made in different ways. And the best part is – each would be delicious in its way!!

Easy Hack – Identify audiences of your taste and start selling them!


16. Online Makeup Tutorials

The make-up industry is growing abundantly. Truly, it’s flooding. There is a huge demand for online make-up artists nowadays. So, use this chance to teach your make-up hacks to those looking for make-up tutorials.

Once you grow, you can create your video courses via online classes. And what do you need to launch this business idea???

We heard your voice. Absolutely, a laptop and/or a mobile phone!!  

The key to success is to show your creativity in a very simple way so that your clients can learn easily from you.

Today, simple and fast makeup and hairstyling techniques are the most wanted among youngsters and office goers. Teach and earn!!!


Common Success Tip  – Without dedication and perseverance, you cannot succeed in the field you’ve chosen So pick your lot with utmost care and love. Because it is going to be your source of income for living. 

Do comment on which is your pick of the lot from these 16 business ideas that require ONLY a laptop and/or a mobile phone!

Final Piece of Advice

All these business ideas may be a starting point for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a job right now or running a small-scale business. It’s just good to start a passive income. Think!!

However, if you’re not ready to take a small step to make use of such amazing opportunities in this digital world, then we may have to call you – LAZY BUG 🙁

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